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Фотородословная - Marictur Material Girl

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Marictur Material Girl

Sex: Сука
Color: черно-подпалый
Owner: Mrs M Turner
Breeder: Mrs M Turner
Young Yardley Of Belldale
Mrs P Kelsall
Jarthley Mint Imperial Woodric Imperialist Of Jarthley
Woodric Imperialist Of Jarthley
Mrs E L Wood
Kiedon Kareba
Marbri Moonlight Of Woodric
Peggotty Of Jarthley Roots Of Silvae
Barkestone Cookies Caper
Kentenes Petite Fleur Merely-A-Monarch Of Belldale Here'S Hoping Of Belldale
Woodric Gardenia Of Belldale
Vingaina Of The Park Deep Down Of Belldale
Black Beauty
Marictur Modesty Blaise
Title: Ch: ENG
Marictur Modesty Blaise
Sontag Super Sleuth
Title: Ch: ENG
Sontag Super Sleuth
Mrs E Cooper
Ladiv Liberal Leader Title: Ch: NZ, AUS
Mithril Night And Day Of Windycorner
Ladiv La De Da
Sontag Social Climber Title: Ch: ENG
D'Arisca D'Vere
Title: Ch: ENG
Sontag Stagestruck
Marictur Easter Music
Marictur Easter Music
Mrs M Turner
Cedavoch The Swank Of Ingerdorm Plada Of Deugh
Cedavoch Vanity Fair
Cedavoch Vanity Fair
Mrs J Mcnaughton
Marictur Black Modiste Cynosure Of Cedavoch
Murantia Janine Marictur

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