Родословная - Arcano'S Nazareno

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       Ch: USA
7)  Villanol'S Gladi'S Lad

       Ch: USA
3)  Laddland A Wing And A Prayer   AKC095419
     Kaye Ladd

       Ch: USA
8)  Laddland Pinch Of Cameo   AKC HD433761

       Ch: ESP
1)  Arcano'S Gentilhombre

       Ch: USA
9)  Roushland'S Neva Give An Inch   AKC HC883448

4)  Laddland Fashionably Late   LOE0408129

       Ch: CAN, USA
10)  Laddland Lorna Laurie

Name: Arcano'S Nazareno Sex: Кобель

       Ch: USA
11)  Villanol'S Gladi'S Lad

       Ch: USA
5)  Laddland Smidgeon Of A Lad   AKC: HD494038

       Ch: USA
12)  Laddland Pinch Of Cameo   AKC HD433761

2)  Aro-Hil She'S A Lady

       Ch: USA
13)  Call To Arms Vom Westphalen   AKC HB852222
     Peggy Westphal

6)  Laddland Wake Up Call

14)  Knolland Lorna   AKC HC728420

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