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       Ch: USA
7)  Dunkeldorf'S Falcon'S Favorite   AKC HA347306
     Mr & Mrs Thomas Dunk

       Ch: USA
3)  Dunkledorf'S Gerstmeister

8)  Corlew'S Shusheila

       Ch: USA
1)  Call To Arms Vom Westphalen   AKC HB852222
     Peggy Westphal

       Ch: USA
9)  Sheen Vom Westphalen

       Ch: USA
4)  Penny Candy Vom Westphalen

       Ch: USA
10)  Jiridox Jujube

Name: Laddland Wake Up Call Sex: Сука

       Ch: USA
11)  Brandylan'S Lanson Of Lucene

       Ch: USA
5)  Knolland Kandy Man   AKC HC375133

12)  Candy Kisses Vom Westphalen

2)  Knolland Lorna   AKC HC728420

13)  Moffett'S Harvest   AKC HB748451
     Edward B Jenner

6)  Ram-Ral Of Mar-Lar   HC301325

14)  Paige Of Mar-Lar

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