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7)  Mithril Runner In The Night

       Ch: NZ, AUS
3)  Mithril Night And Day Of Windycorner

8)  Mithril Abbey Road

1)  Ladiv Liberal Leader

9)  Ladiv Cassius

4)  Ladiv La De Da

10)  Rhinefields Pauline

Name: Sontag Super Sleuth Born: 06.12.1986 Sex: Кобель Colour: черно-подпалый
Owner: Mrs E Cooper
Breeder: Mrs E Cooper

       Ch: ENG
11)  Benjamin Of Ralines

       Ch: ENG
5)  D'Arisca D'Vere

12)  D'Arisca Socialite

2)  Sontag Social Climber

       Ch: ENG
6)  Sontag Stagestruck

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